Keep On Clicking

August 5, 2011

Today on Kelly’s Korner, we’re sharing blogging tips.  And at small group on Wednesday night we were talking about blogging too, which got me thinking.  I don’t have many tips- honestly I just LOVE writing and I love the funny and sweet (and rotten!) things my kids do and I’m learning SO much by being a parent, that I’m blogging for my own good.  I’m not even sure if I’m doing it “right”– but alas, my “tip” none the less!

And this isn’t just a tip on blogging, but more the blogosphere– my favorite blogs that I read are by people I’ve never met and have only stumbled upon– and it’s just because I keep clicking.  I read something and click a link…. which leads me to another link…. and then another– and then I find someone who is just like me or so intriguing to me or has a story that touches my heart- and then I add them to my blog roll and they’re my blog friend forever 🙂 Granted they don’t know I exist, but that’s not important!

There is a girl named Brittney who stumbled upon my blog and we connected because we were both stepmoms to adorable little boys… and then we both had baby boys ourselves.  AND it’s such a small world, that we actually know some of the same people.  I’ve never met her, but I love her and was so excited when her baby was born.  And today I was giddy because he finally slept through the night after MONTHS… and of course I can relate because Max didn’t sleep through the night until he was 5 mths old and that’s only because I gave him formula.  So now me and Brittney (who I’ve never met!) are facebook friends, and twitter friends, and I love pictures of her sweet boys!

So my tip is to keep on clicking… you’ll never know how many blog BFF’s you’ll discover 🙂