Say What?! Copy Cat

August 5, 2011

On Wednesday, Max woke up from his nap super cranky. He was whiny and clingy and very high maintenance which is very abnormal for Max. Chad got home a few minutes before dinner and noticed rather quickly how foul Max was being.  And then my brother Eli got to our house too (he’s staying with us right now, as a gypsy, as he figures out his next steps in life) and Max fussed at him too.  We sat down for dinner and the cranky pants did not stop- he was a booger, like the real obnoxious deal! So Chad says “why is my two year old so whiny?”  To which I replied “you answered it with your own question– he’s two!”  And Eli said, “well he’s as smart as a four year old” and I replied “emotionally he is two!”  And Max screams “EMOTIONALLY” and starts giggling.

Then later I was taking Max upstairs to change his diaper and he didn’t like that plan.  He told me “no no no no!” And so I laid him on the changing table and I said guess what?  And he stopped his no’s for an emphatic “what?” And I told him he wasn’t the boss, that mommy was the boss and he thought for .25 seconds and got a stricken look on his face and said “oh no!”  HA!

Lastly, Max only napped for about 30 minutes in the car yesterday. We were out and about, so he never made it to his bed and those darn car naps are always short.  So about an hour after dinner, he came and found me with his “Kiss Goodnight” book in hand- that’s the book we read every night before bed.  He asked me to read it to him, and he even wanted it read in his bed– he was putting himself to bed and choosing his own bedtime- SWEET!  Anyway, I got some pj’s out of his drawer, stripped him down, and then he sat in my lap so I could pull his pj pants on him.  As quickly as he sat down, he jumped back up and said “Mommy’s legs hurt!”…. my legs were super prickly and in need of a razor… oh how I love the honesty of children- keeps you humble, that’s for sure!


Say What?! Max-ism

July 27, 2011

I love when Max comes up to me and reaches his arms up and say “my hold you”– of course he is meaning for me to hold him, but I shall NOT correct him!

He uses “my” in place of “I” all the time, too.  For instance “my draw?” means “can I draw?”

When he’s done eating, Max will say “I all done, get you.”  No, he isn’t wanting to get me… he’s wanting me to get him! This is because when he says he’s done, I say, “Ok, I’ll get you”– so he’s saving me a step, and smashing it all together.  He wants to make sure I know that he is ready to be gotten, but his use of pronouns just tickles me!

Max loves Lollipops… we go through a big bag of dumdums every couple months– and he calls them B-pops.  Not sure why– maybe that’s how “lolli” sounded when I first said it- or maybe it because everything he loves starts with a b– but regardless, at our house, we eat B-pops.

Max calls baby wipes “wipe it’s” and he loves them.  He’s always asking for a “wipe it” and then he’ll wipe his whole body, my body- even my feet, his car seat, the couch, anything!  He uses wipe-it’s so much, that often his hair looks wet when he’s done.

Say What?! The Telephone

July 21, 2011

I’ve got a huge secret:  I’m very nosy.  Are you shocked?  No?

Well being nosy has been passed to my son– the kid is picking up all my  best traits 🙂

I use my in the car time to catch up on phone calls.  Life at home is pretty busy, and I’m not a huge phone talker anyway, but there are a few of my peeps that I just must keep up with, so that’s what I do in the car.  Max, my little chatty cathy, sits in the back, to my right, and comments on what he sees out the window, appearing to be oblivious to the fact that I’m on the phone, but for the past few months, as soon as I hang up, he goes “Daddy?”  As in, were you talking to Daddy?  And if I say no, then he says “Annie” (who is his Granny Annie, my mom.  And if I say no again, then he gives one final guess, waivering between “Anna?” and “Nan-ielle?” (Danielle).  If for some reason it’s still a no, he just looks away, like he’s over it.  Over me.

Well recently, I must’ve been throwing him off– talking to my little brother and my BFFA Ruth, calling and making doctors appointments, etc…. So today, as we drove and I went down the list of my phone calls, every time I hung up, he would skip the guessing and say “Who dat?”  I’d answer him, and he would nod, like he was giving me the ok, and go back to his window watching.

What a little nosy rosy, needing to know who I was talking to!  Crack me up!  Just another reminder that little eyes and ears are tuned in to my every move…


Say What?! Melt My Heart Edition

July 20, 2011

Since Max was about a year old, I’ve been trying to teach him “I love you”.  Of course it involves hand motions as well… I (point to your eye) love (cross arms over chest) you (point to Max).  I do this all the time and it makes him giggle.  But just like his manners, it’s like his tongue is unable to form such words.  Of course, he can say helicopter and ambulance and dinosaur, among other things, but “please, thank you, and I love you” escape him.  And Max is not a child the performs on command– if you ask him to say something, it’s a sure fire way to make sure he won’t say it.  (Maybe I should remember this for when he learns his first bad word…..)

Anyway, last night, I got home around 9pm from getting my hair cut and Max was getting his pjs on (with Daddy’s help of course).  So I went in his room and finished up the job, and we laid down to read a book.  His current favorite book for bedtime is “Kiss Goodnight” which my mom got him.  There is a little bear named Sam that doesn’t go to bed until his Mom kisses him 10 times.  And of course, when Sam gets a kiss in the book, Max gets one too!  Well after reading, I gave Max a hug, and he squeezed me and groaned to demonstrate how big the hug was…. then he said “IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII loooooooooove YOU!”- with hand motions and pointed to me.

And I cried.



Say What?

July 11, 2011

Because I am printing a copy of my blog each calendar year, for my boys to read and laugh about when they get older, I am adding a new section to my blog:

“Say What?”  And they’re going to be quotes and funny things the boys say.  It’s not going to be a huge whole blog post, but if I don’t do this as they happen, then I can’t remember all the funny things they say and do– but there are things that just shouldn’t be forgotten!

For instance, when Gabe was smaller, Chad was teasing him and he said “Daddy, are you joking me up?” And Max loves looking outside for Mudder fags (butterflies) and Chip punks (chip munks) and calls Grandma and Grandpa “Grandpa” despite our corrections.  Also, when Chad gets home from work, he asks if they can go practice at the dribin range– meaning can they go to the driving range to play golf… he’s not even 2!  And Jack always says… just kidding, he’s only 7 weeks old, come on!

So for the first entry:  this morning we headed to the doctor because Max has been stuffy and junky and whiny and gooey eyed for several days, come to find out he needed a prescription of amoxicillian, so we stopped at Target to get it filled on the way home.  As we left the store, the person parked in front of me backed out so I was pumped about a pull through opportunity– it’s the little things 🙂  But as I was driving thru, I hit a HUGE cement median dividing the parking spaces…. oops.  Being prideful and all, I just put it in reverse and acted like nothing happened despite the loud scraping noise and whip lash we all received.  Max started laughing and said “Mommy crashed! Uh oh Mommy.”

Thanks for humbling me Max!  And then I giggled all the way home.