The Pumpkin Patch

October 25, 2010

Yesterday, we loaded up in the mini van and headed to Berry Patch Farms to ride the hayride and pick out some pumpkins.  We met our friends, the Spiva’s there.  Last year, we made the trek up to Burt’s Pumpkin patch on the only Sunday all month that it didn’t rain.  It took over an hour just to get into the parking lot, AND then 30 more minutes to find a parking spot.  Needless to say, we just weren’t up for all that this year!  But Berry Patch proved to be just what we needed- a great place for families, a 10 minute drive, plenty for the boys to do, and lots of pretty pumpkins… or as Max says “BALL!”

Gabe was in charge of picking out pumpkin– and I think he was looking for the biggest possible pumpkin that he could actually pick up by himself 🙂

Check out all the changes a year can bring:

The Bowman's 2009

The Bowman's 2010

My face shrunk but my baby grew :(((((

I also tried to talk all the boys into posing for the camera– but with 3 VERY busy boys, a whole field of pumpkins and tractors constantly driving by, it was quite the task…. but check out these three cuties:

Hudson (2 years old) Gabe (7 years old) and Max (1 year old)

Once Gabe picked his pumpkin, he also ventured over to the gourds.  He decided on a long skinny green goard and a round wart-cover gourd.  Now let me give you a sneak peek into Gabe’s brain:  He then decided that the skinny goard looked like a bat, and the round goard was the ball.  Which obviously means that we need to carve our pumpkin to look like a baseball player.  And did I have anything that would hold the bat in the pumpkin’s hands and maybe something to hang the ball in the air so the pumpkin could be at bat?

I kid you not.  The child is ALWAYS thinking…  I’m going to try to convince him that triangle eyes and a toothy grin is the way to go, but I’m not so sure he’s going to fall for it….


Heat Wave Adventures

September 7, 2010

As I sit here typing at 7:54 pm on a Tuesday night, the only thing I can hear are the waves of the ocean.

But don’t be jealous!  Those waves are Max’s sounds machine.  I just got the boys to bed, and Chad is playing softball, which means he’ll be coming in the door any minute looking for food.  But I still must relish these few minutes of silence.  It is really rare that the house is silent– no tv, no talking, no whining, no car noises, or “booms” or “pows”, no pitter patter of little hands and feet.  Just silence.

I wonder if when moms get to heaven, if there will just be a silent room that they get to go into.  We’ll probably be having too much fun with the angels for that, though.

But back to my silent night.  It comes on the heels of a screaming baby, a poop explosion, and a 7 year old who talked non-stop from the second he walked in the door today.  While our sitter was here earlier, I noticed that she had quoted scripture on her facebook status and I commented wanting to know if my sweet angels were bring her closer to Jesus or terrorizing her so that she needed more Jesus.  I was just being funny.  But that came back to bite me on the booty!  Now I’m the one needing to quote scripture after the non-stop chaos of the afternoon.

But that’s just one more sign that summer is over! It’s really obvious around our house.  There is always hustle and bustle and we’re always on a schedule.  I was telling someone this weekend, that my days are so monotonous at this point, that I can tell you, within a 20 minute window, what I’m doing every day.  But there is no other way to be a wife, and a mom, an employee, a volunteer at church, a bus driver for 2 cute boys, a laundress, and a house keeper.  Not to mention a bulldawg fan and still hang out with the many GREAT friends that God has blessed me with.  So alas, I sit here, on my couch, and listen to a sound machine, and feel peace. Funny.

I love fall!  I love football and the crisp mornings.  I can’t wait for the shorts and long sleeves weather.  Gabe’s soccer games start this Saturday, and we’ve already turned off the ac a couple times.  So this is my farewell to summer…

There are a few events that I meant to include on the blog, but they just never made it– but there were so kodak moments for sure, so I’ll use them to celebrate summer instead 🙂

First of all– 4th of July– we headed the lake with our friends.  Wendy and Trisha’s parents have a house on the lake- so fun- and Jill and Ruth have birthdays during 4th of July week, so it was a party.  Chad and Eli ran the Peachtree Road Race the morning, while Max and I walked along beside it– don’t even get me started on how difficult it was to get to the end to pick of Chad and Eli- geez.  Then it was lake time- and Uncle Eli joined us.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics- lame- and the only 2 I have to show for it are these:

Secondly, Anna and I took our kids on two very “fun” outings.  And somehow, we managed to pick the 2 hottest days of the year for these… and both of them were outside.  And to top it off, somehow, our husbands managed to miss out on both of these fun extravaganzas… nice!

At the end of June, as the heat wave came to settle of Georgia, we took the babies to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. They were beautiful- unfortunately though, they are not air conditioned!  But we were going to have a fun day, no matter what!!! We did get some cute pictures and that made it all totally worth it!

I really like this one, because EG is escaping her stroller because she is WAY to mature for a stroller nowdays– she seriously walked with Anna through the whole thing- like a little adult- it was hilarious!

More photo ops:

And our second crazy adventure, towards the end of the heat wave, was a trip up to Canton to visit my aunt.  She has a great house and a creek in her backyard- so it was creek.  My cousins were coming on bringing their kiddos– it consisted of lunch and play– all in all, a happy day.  Except, insert heat wave, and a windless day.  The hot air just sat on us like elephants.  BUT the kiddos did not mind at all!!  They had so much fun and brought home a ton of sand in their bathing suits 🙂

So needless to say, we enjoyed the lazy days of summer- the sun, and the water, and the break!

So let’s review our highs this summer:

We started off with a fun beach trip, then celebrated our second anniversary.  We also ventured out west to Colorado, sold our 4runner, and bought a minivan.  Max mastered crawling, decided he only wanted big boy food, got his first hair cut twice- once was unsolicited…. and he also turned ONE!  Gabe lost his first tooth while at six flags, went on 3 vacations this summer, got a killer tan that ladies would pay for, and did it all with a big huge grin on his face.  We got visits from both sets of grandparents, and made a couple trips to the lake.  Uncle Eli came to visit several times, and the whole family was indeed happy that I was not pregnant this summer and did not have to float around the pool like a beached whale.  I never once complained about anything swelling either.  It was a divine summer.

Get yourself a Jill

February 3, 2010

Ok, my little man at 5 and half months is cutting a tooth– yes, a tooth. And according to my googling, this IS early by about a month and a half. So yes, he’s advanced. He’s the smartest, bestest, cutest baby there is. And according to my mom, he is perfect.

As a first time mom, I’m still constantly learning and reading and asking questions. When does this happen? When should that happen? How much longer til…. etc etc etc, times infinity. And it gets very overwhelming- which leads to my point:

If you’re doing this for the first time like me- being a parent- then you need a Jill. A Jill is someone who is a few steps ahead of you– in my case 12 and a half months. So when I feel crazy, or like I’m a bad mom or I think my baby is broken, then I call her/ text her/ email her and she always says “that’s fine” or “no big deal” or “oh yeah, that happened to me too”. BUT let me stress that you need someone who is slightly ahead of you to calm you down after you googled and found really scary stuff or the pediatrician made you feel like an absolute idiot or you haven’t slept.

Let me know tell you about my Jill. First of all, she LOVES being a mom, and her son is adorable and wonderful and smart and precious. And you’re going to think I’m making this up, but if you compare pictures of Max and her son at certain ages, they look A LOT alike, which makes me very happy. Another plus is that she has a very similar parenting mentality as me– scheduling, nursing, organic food, spending time with our children, what’s important, etc. She struggles with doing everything perfectly and feeling guilty if any area of her life gets less than 100%- as do I. (Not that this is right– we both are trying to work on our perfectionism- and the chaos that stems from it- BUT it’s great to talk to her without having to explain and she gets it.)

Now let me briefly qualify and say that I have several friends who are incredible moms as well, and my own mom has been AMAZING through these first several months- helping me when I ask, and letting me figure it out when I don’t. But Jill JUST did it, so she remembers, she has a boy, which is what I have, I can get in touch with her when I need something or have a question, and that’s that, I trust her answers and I get piece of mind from what she says, I can be honest about what I’m doing “wrong,” and I can move confidently forward, and get my undies out of a wad.

SO if you’re a new mom, get a Jill, if you’re about to be a mom, start thinking through who can be your Jill. And if you’re like me, and have a Jill, thank God for providing people and community for this whole parenting thing. He is a GREAT GOD who not only gives us open access to Him, the Father and Creator of the Universe, but He also blesses us with people and community and family and Jill to help.