Why God Didn’t Give Max a Sister

June 2, 2011

Right before baby Jack surprised us, baby Evie came over and spent several hours with us.  It was the first time and it was love– for both me and Max!  But it became pretty obvious VERY quickly why God decided that Max most definitely needed a baby brother this go round:

While Evie was sleeping, Max was being oh-so-generous and sharing his toys with her….

They were all balls!

And he was so proud and so sure that that was exactly what she needed- he kept telling me about it over and over: “Baby Evie, night night Max balls”

And it was then that I knew the reason for another brother in the Bowman house, rather than a sister– a poor sister just couldn’t survive in such a climate!

And this last picture is just cute:  I came around the corner from the kitchen and I saw Max and asked what he was doing– he told me “I talking baby Evie golf- hit it in the hole!”  He was teaching the girl about golf– doesn’t she look thrilled?

Also, just for laughter, please notice how my boy does NOT use prepositions– apparently they are a waste of time and he does quite well communicating his point without them!  Ha!  I just love him 🙂


Max and Lizzy, the Dynamic Duo

May 11, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any pictures, and even longer since I posted pictures of Max and his friend Lizzy.  I’m hesitant to call Lizzy his”best friend” because I don’t want to be that mom forcing it, but let’s be honest, he LOVES Lizzy!  We still have her seat in our car from the last time she was with us and he loves to point and talk about her when he sees it.  Anytime we head to the park, he expect Lizzy to be there and is disappointed (tears!) when she’s not, ha!  BUT when they are both at the park, they do their own thing– go figure!

The Dynamic Duo at the Park!

Max and Elizabeth Grace (April 2011)

Anyway, these two are funny together for many reason– first of all, the boy/girl thing– it’s neat to see how different their brains are.  Secondly, they are almost 6 months a part, so Anna goes through a hard time with Lizzy– ex: clingy, disobedient, whiny– and then 6 months later I’m pulling my hair our for the same reasons.  Lucky for me, I know it’s just a stage because Anna already overcame it! Another fun thing is that they’re both little smarties and the stuff they come up with is hilarious.  ALSO, they are both first borns and therefore bossy– so when Max is at Lizzy’s house, she is IN CHARGE, but when Lizzy is at Max’s house, she follows his orders instead.  And then lastly, I just love Lizzy and Max does too, and it makes me happy.

Max at the soccer park-- "I draw M-A-X!"

Lizzy wearing at hat at the soccer game because Max was wearing one 🙂


(Of course, Lizzy’s little sister is Evie– who came into the world in February instead of April…. and has been wrapping people around her fingers ever since and now Jack will follow her and enter the world here shortly, and we’ll get to see the newest dynamic duo in action… and as second borns, who are supposed to be more laid back, etc, I’m anxious to see what this looks like!) So fun to raise these kiddies together!

A glimpse of heaven

March 20, 2011

When it rains, it pours, which I’ve experienced myself recently, but this time, I’m talking about Anna.  Shortly after Evie was born, while she was in the NICU, Anna was making the drive to visit her daily.  One morning, after dropping EG with me, she got in a little fender bender- the other car had a scape and Anna’s car needed some minor repairs– not a huge deal, just not good timing.  So then, Anna was car-less, while trying to see her baby in the NICU, and take care of Elizabeth Grace, while Robert worked daily, in order to save his vacation days for later.  But they managed.

The car stayed in the shop for a while, because they found mechanical problems as well.  So Anna would need to rent a car, while paying for the mechanical problems out of pocket because the insurance company insisted that although there were no problems prior to the wreck that there was no way the wreck had down this.  Convenient. Raining… pouring…. Then after 2ish weeks, they get their car back ONLY to have it start shaking and smoking as Robert was driving a car full of people.  Really pouring!

That is as far as the story goes for now as they wait to hear the next step in this oh-so-fun process BUT I do, selfishly, have a silver lining from this story..

So a couple days ago, Anna called and needed my help- would I come over and sit with Evie while she took my car to get groceries and pick up EG.  Um, twist my arm, but yes, I will come hold that teeny nugget of wonderful.

So while Chad was home with our wild boys, playing in the mud and digging for worm, literally, I got to sit in a absolutely silent house, hold (smell) little Miss Evie, and read my bible.  Because I wasn’t at home, I couldn’t take care of my to-do list, or “need” to do something else right this second, or tell Evie I’d hold her after I finished such and such…. I had nothing to do but to hold the baby and read 1 John.  Oh my goodness.  I really couldn’t even contain myself.  I’m honestly not sure of the last time I heard nothing.  I’m not sure of the last time I sat down with nothing else I should be doing.  And I’m not sure of the last time I got to hold a baby that I love with no agenda or someone else waiting for their turn. And I’m not sure of the last time that I just read my bible, without time constraints or noise or distractions.

Oh what a lovely glimpse of heaven.  Just me and Jesus and a baby- how refreshing!

(When I got home, I told Chad about this experience with Heaven and he asked if I went to the bathroom– well of course I did, I was there for over an hour and I’m 26 weeks pregnant, hello… to which he said “Not heaven– in heaven you won’t have to do that”.  Why thanks for that observation, honey!)


February 17, 2011

Just a quick update– this time last week, the chaos was beginning… Anna was finding out that it was time for an emergency C-section– hearts were racing, fear was building– this wasn’t what anyone was expecting or wanting for baby Evie.  Speaking for myself, I was scared for her life- scared of the condition of her heart and lungs- scared for my sweet friends who were going to live through this, whether they wanted it or not.  All I could think about were the hours and days ahead.

But here we are a week later, just one short week, and look at this little beauty:

Very few wires and tubes are in and around her body, and she lays there sleeping like a little Angel as her mother visits.  A few more weeks of NICU care and development for her little premie body, and she’ll be coming home!  Glory to God, forever!

Evie: Part 2

February 15, 2011

Good morning!  This blog post is one of the best blog posts I have gotten to write in a long time… and I like all my posts 🙂  Let’s just start with the key element of this post– bottom line, God has done some HUGE things in the life of little Evie in a very short time– and there is so much good news that there is no way anyone else can get the credit– only God, the healer and sustainer of life!!

(If you’ve missed the beginning of this story, please check out the part one: Evelyn “Evie” Claire )

First of all, initially it was going to be a long while before Anna could hold her little girl, but Anna has already held her twice! She even has plans to feed her today!

Secondly, Evie is breathing ON HER OWN!  As in no C-pap, no nasal canula, NOTHING.

Thirdly, Evie has lost weight which means that the fluids in her chest have been absorbed and she’s peed it out!!

Fourth of all, her heart is looking great and the cardiologist is very pleased– it’s no longer swollen.

Next on this list of awesomeness,  Evie can potentially get the 2 tubes the run into her tummy out later this week!

Also, she is no longer on antibiotics

Evie’s platelet count also stabilized over the weekend and she no longer needs transfusions!

On a special note, sweet Evie has a new name… yesterday as Anna and Robert were filling out the birth certificate paperwork, they made the last minute decision to name Evie after Anna’s Granny– So I’m thrilled to introduce Evelyn Virginia “Evie” to you! She is absolutely precious and you will fall in love with this little baby doll!

Now her initials are EV– Evie, get it??  And how cute are these sisters?  Elizabeth Grace = EG and Evelyn Virginia = EV.  Adorable!

At this point, things are looking so good, Evie is blowing everyone away!  BUT please don’t stop praying- any infection or change could be a major issue considering her size.  Anna and Robert are now trying to balance being home, caring for Lizzy G, visiting Evie an hour away from their house, Robert’s job, and Anna’s healing.  Also, after Anna was released from the hospital yesterday, she was almost home when they received word that Lizzy had come down with a stomach virus.  So for obvious reasons, Anna wasn’t able to go home– after not seeing her little girl for 5 days, this was crushing 😦 Please pray for Lizzy to get better quickly, pray for the germs to be banned from the Prusa house during these next several months, and pray for wisdom for Anna and Robert as they navigate all this.

Also, all of their wonderful friends and family have come to help– they have been blown away by this- Anna was just telling me last night how blessed they are by all of you!  But if I could encourage you to keep it up, that would be great!  Anna has very little energy, she is still healing from major surgery, Robert heads back to work today, and as always, a 2 year old takes a lot– so your visits, your meals, and your prayers are still coveted!

The Pumpkin Patch

October 25, 2010

Yesterday, we loaded up in the mini van and headed to Berry Patch Farms to ride the hayride and pick out some pumpkins.  We met our friends, the Spiva’s there.  Last year, we made the trek up to Burt’s Pumpkin patch on the only Sunday all month that it didn’t rain.  It took over an hour just to get into the parking lot, AND then 30 more minutes to find a parking spot.  Needless to say, we just weren’t up for all that this year!  But Berry Patch proved to be just what we needed- a great place for families, a 10 minute drive, plenty for the boys to do, and lots of pretty pumpkins… or as Max says “BALL!”

Gabe was in charge of picking out pumpkin– and I think he was looking for the biggest possible pumpkin that he could actually pick up by himself 🙂

Check out all the changes a year can bring:

The Bowman's 2009

The Bowman's 2010

My face shrunk but my baby grew :(((((

I also tried to talk all the boys into posing for the camera– but with 3 VERY busy boys, a whole field of pumpkins and tractors constantly driving by, it was quite the task…. but check out these three cuties:

Hudson (2 years old) Gabe (7 years old) and Max (1 year old)

Once Gabe picked his pumpkin, he also ventured over to the gourds.  He decided on a long skinny green goard and a round wart-cover gourd.  Now let me give you a sneak peek into Gabe’s brain:  He then decided that the skinny goard looked like a bat, and the round goard was the ball.  Which obviously means that we need to carve our pumpkin to look like a baseball player.  And did I have anything that would hold the bat in the pumpkin’s hands and maybe something to hang the ball in the air so the pumpkin could be at bat?

I kid you not.  The child is ALWAYS thinking…  I’m going to try to convince him that triangle eyes and a toothy grin is the way to go, but I’m not so sure he’s going to fall for it….

The Sleepover

October 17, 2010

** Note:  I wrote this last week and forgot to post it, oops!

You know how last week consisted of “embarrassing bath time” pictures of Max and his friend who is a girl, Elizabeth Grace?  Well this past weekend, they also had their first co-ed sleepover.  Things are getting serious.  At this point, we’re not worried, especially since they were both confined to separate cribs in separate rooms, but don’t fret, they were under full parental supervision the entire night. 🙂 And not the kind of “supervision” at the after-prom party, where the parents insist they’ll stay up all night with the kids and that no one will sleep, but yet they stay upstairs and never check in on the teens. (In regards to this, I would like to point out the obvious, the “sleeping” isn’t the problem… and if the teens were wanting sleep, they’d go home, duh!)

Anyway, EG’s mom, Anna, had a night on the town with some friends and EG’s dad, Robert, was in Ohio with his family for a football game.  So EG came over in time for dinner and Chad and I took the two tots in the minivan to a local burger and shakes joint.  We sat outside and enjoyed the weather, and the kiddies were dolls!  Afterwards, we played in the courtyard between the restaurants, and I just don’t understand how the night was so peaceful.  We had TWO children between the ages of 13 months and 19 months, and they let us talk, there were no tears, there were no fits or fussing, and they actually played together lovingly.

Then when we got home, they got their baths, their pjs, and went to bed.  It was drama and fussing free- crazy!  After all was said and done, I wasn’t even tired and worn out like I had expected!

The next morning, the “downside” to the sleepover slapped me in the face at about 6:05am.  Elizabeth Grace woke up to discover she was not in her bed and she wasn’t super pumped about this.  She started crying for her mom, and I ran in to rescue her… but not before Max woke up, and upon noticing that he WAS in his bed, decided that it was definitely time to get up and play.

So the day started early, but after a double breakfast of yo’baby yogurt, cinnamon toast, and berries, we headed out to a neighborhood-wide garage sale.  You see, this dynamic duo NEEDS a radio flyer wagon, with seat and seats belts for trick or treating, and the $170 price tag at babies r us wasn’t too appealing.  Lucky for us, EG’s big neighborhood was having a huge yard sale and tons of houses had out the baby gear that they had outgrown.  I thought for sure there’d be a wagon there, so we embarked on our search after picking up EG’s mom for the fun.

AND we found one!!  It’s perfect and Max already loves riding in it and Gabe loves pulling him around.  It’s a win/win for the whole family 🙂

After the yard sale, we drove over the river and through the woods to the North Georgia Premium Outlets, and did some shopping– just moms and tots.  Max and EG were delightful and Anna and I enjoyed our time together.  It was a fun adventure, and we got some bargains.  Again, a win/ win for the whole family.

But during the shopping trip, Max also got his first kiss.  Yes, I know, the bath, the sleepover, and the first kiss all in one week.  Like I said, it’s getting serious 🙂  EG was putting the moves on him, but Max was leaning into it.  I think the feelings are mutual, but take a look and decide for yourself: