Max is 22 months old… and going on 22 years old!

June 20, 2011

Yesterday, Max was 22 months old.  But we were busy celebrating Father’s Day, so I moved his month-day to today!  Max is full of life and laughter and naughties too!  He has one giant opinion too– but being the laid back, go with the flow person that I am, I just can’t imagine where he got that………………..

Anyway, his favorite word is no, and he likes to scrunch up his face for extra emphasis.  He notices everything and my friend Danielle put it well when she described his talking style at a life- narrator.  He is constantly telling me what he sees, what’s going on, who is doing it, what it sounded like, and any thing else that he can observe.  Most of his comments are really funny too- for instance, he’s always spotting mudderfags (Butterflies) and Chip-punks (chipmunks).  Oh his little brain is amazing.

Max is very much into “testing” too– testing me and testing his daddy to see if we really mean that he needs to obey. He thinks that when we count to three, and then start coming towards him, that he can obey then and avoid trouble.  But the little guy has another thing coming!

Max’s loves in life are ice cream, golf, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Pop.  He is constantly talking about one of those.  And he eats his ice cream on the couch- just ask him. This month, he visited the driving range for the first time with his daddy, and was the star– the crowds gathered to watch him in action.  My Dad and Chad are hoping he’s ready to ride with them for 9 holes later this summer- and with his attention span for the U.S. Open this past weekend, I’m thinking he’ll love it!

Due to maternity leave, I get to spend all my awake hours with Max (and Jack) and I just love it.  Max makes the days so fun. Granted, they’re usually full of sweat and dirt- on both of us, and leave me very worn out at the end of that day, but still, there is nothing else I’d rather do!

18 month clothes are on their last leg, and 24 months are just right!  His feet have grown again and size 4 shoes are done for- he is in 5’s and close to moving up again!  This makes me laugh because he wore his size 3’s for a LONG time.  I’m anxious for his 2 year appointment to hear his stats, but dreading it all at the same time– because a two year old is SO much bigger than a one year old! (BTW if you’re one of those people like Chad who wants to say that Max is 2, he is not.  He will not be 2 until August 19th, and until then he is one.  I will also be happy to tell you his age in months- but he is not 2. Mmk?)

Max, I thought I had one more month with you before Jack arrived, I thought this would be your last month day before you became a big brother, but boy was I wrong! It was hard for both of us- I didn’t get to “prep” you for what was coming, where mommy was going, and what she was coming home with.  We didn’t make the full switch to the big boy bed as planned, and we didn’t even attempt potty training BUT adding Jack has been wonderful!  When I left for the hospital, you were my baby, but when I came home, you were my big boy!  And you like to tell everyone that that’s what you are!  You adjusted within a couple days, and have been kissing your brother ever sense!  You don’t love that you have to share my attention, but you don’t have one ounce of aggression towards Jack.  You grew up in your talking, and walking, and mannerisms too.  You walk around with a big boy bounce in your step- and you have a swagger. It’s adorable! (Although a very hard pill for me to swallow.)  It’s amazing that I never run out of love for you- it just keeps growing, with you, each day.  I can’t wait for the day when you sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ along with me, and I’m even more excited about the day that you get what that means.  God continues to bless me with you- each day I thank him for your life and your love, and all that I’m learning by being your mommy.  Just remember, God is the perfect heavenly Father, and me and Daddy are still learning to be like Him. I love you Max, you’re my best bubba!


Happy Father’s Day!

June 19, 2011

I know a lot of great fathers… many of them have impacted my life greatly.  But today I celebrate Chad. His love for our boys is INCREDIBLE.  And he is a dad worth recognizing and celebrating!

So I thought I’d make a lovely acrostic poem filled with all words Chad that make him such a great dad:

F: Fabulous, funny, and fun

A: Authentic, amazing, and able

T: Teacher, tickler, and tale-teller

H: Helper, honest, and humble

E: Enthusiastic, excited, encourager

R: Reliable, reasonable, and realistic

I love you Chad, and so do our boys!  Thank you for all your hard work, your love, and your time.  We are all better because of it!

Grandma and Grandpa

June 17, 2011

After my parents left town (Memorial Day) Chad’s parents rolled in to meet Jack and to spend time with all of us.  Of course they did things like keep my kitchen clean and prepare meals, and build steps and fix drawers and doors, but the thing they did the best was spoil our boys!

Grandma and baby Jack

If Jack needed held, he was held.

If Max needed to play golf outside, they’d go watch.

If Gabe needed someone to talk to or show his latest creations to, they were available.

Talking to Yang Yang on skype

They played games, and bought everyone treats. They also provided lots of ice cream, wedging them into a high place in Max’s mind forever 🙂  Max still wants to look outside every morning hoping to see Grandpa’s motorcycle.  Not only does Max love motorcycles and therefore was PUMPED to have Grandpa’s in our driveway, BUT it also had an american flag on it which is another one of Max’s favorite things.

Max and Grandpa... who he called Grandma, ha!

Gabe loves any time he gets with them too- he loves riding around town, and shopping with them… mostly because he can talk them into a thing or two 🙂  And he is trying to plan a trip out to Texas ALONE this fall during his break, because he wants to spend a week with them alone.  Apparently, the rest of us get in his way and cramp his style.

A slip n' slide from Grandma and Grandpa!

These boys know a good thing when they see one, and that’s Grandma and Grandpa!  (And before long, Jack will know too!)

Grandpa drawing Max at Motorcycle

Wordless Wednesday

June 15, 2011

Kindof.  I can’t say nothing. But just check out these pictures… some are Max and some are Jack… and the resemblence makes me speechless… hence Wordless Wednesday 🙂

Max- almost 6 weeks old

Jack- almost 4 weeks old

Max in his Moses basket

Jack in the Moses basket

Max sleeping in my lap

Jack sleeping in my lap

P.S. Today is Wednesday, right???

Reflux Schmeflux!

June 12, 2011

Ok, so I think Jack might have reflux.  Not in a crying sort of way, but in a spit up a whole lot after every feeding and major grunting and squirming and red facing scrunching, too.  Considering the fact that there are no tears involved, this isn’t “horrible” for me- BUT it makes me sad to think he’s in pain and unable to keep down all his food.

So I started reading… googling… and that never leads anywhere good.  Don’t get me wrong- I learned a lot, and I’m working on a plan BUT I was so overwhelmed when I was done. I tried to lament over it with Chad, but he didn’t get it.  The idea of it all made me anxious, fretful, and tired!  You see, after each feeding, I try to hold Jack upright for at least 30 minutes- but he still spits up.  This makes for a really long night- every night, and of course, he’s so new and fresh out of the oven, that there is no end in sight for any of this- and that’s withOUT implementing everything I read… ay yi yi!

Then I read this blog post:

It’s all about how fleeting life is- and her point has NOTHING to do with my baby’s reflux- it’s all about our time here on earth, but God used this little nugget in my blog reader to speak to my heart- this time with Jack, this reflux and spitting up and short sleeps for this mama are fleeting– before I know it, he’s going to be chattering my ear off like his little brother, asking for ice cream and cookies instead of his veggies.  His days of nursing and burping and covering me in regurgitated slime will be a distant memory.

SO, I can do this.  So what if I have piles in my kitchen and the laundry doesn’t stay caught up. So what if I spend more time on the couch holding a baby upright and getting WAY less done around the house.  So what if it takes me many days of planning to actually run my errands.  It’s just a teeny tiny phase.  I can SO do this!

So after some reading, here is my plan:

1) Just feed Jack on one side per feeding- it’s supposed to cut down on how much air they get by cutting down on how much fore milk they get and increasing their hind milk

2) Stop pumping– after the hospital and the crazy lactation specialist (details on this later) I came home withe WAY too much milk and had to pump like crazy just to be comfortable!  My milk supply has gone down some, but I still make extra and I was using this as an opportunity to store up lots of extra BUT after reading today, I learned that pumping creates an oversupply (duh) which causes a really strong let down, making baby Jack have to gulp to keep up, giving him too much air, which causes him pain.  Holy string of cause and effects!

3) Adjust my diet, drastically– I’m still reading all of this and researching before making my final plan- but basically I should drink water and eat rice. Awesome.

4) Hold Jack upright, his spine completely straight, NO folding of his body at all because it puts pressure on his tummy, for at least 30 minutes.  (And I’m praying that I see this as a way to serve him and show him the selfless love of Jesus that’s in my heart– I know he’ll never remember this, but he can begin to feel my love for him, and I want to love him like Jesus does.  This won’t always be easy, especially in the middle of the night, hence the praying!)

5) Since Jack is 3 weeks old now, I’m going to start giving him one bottle a day during the next week or so, setting us all up for success when I’m not around- but we’ll only use Dr. Brown bottles this go ’round… the best ones for reflux.

6) Jack now sleeps in a Nap Nanny through the night and for some naps during the day. (I really wish these came in adult sizes!) The positioning is supposed to really help with reflux and he hates sleeping flat on his back, so this killed two birds with one stone 🙂

SO now I want to hear from you– any other tips?  Anything that works or helps or alleviates pain and discomfort for my baby man? I’m not interested in medicine at this time- hoping to treat it naturally- but would love to hear anything you’ve got!

Jack’s First Bath

June 6, 2011

Jack is a delightful, easy, peaceful baby.  He rarely cries at all- if he’s uncomfortable or needs something, he’ll grunt a time or two and let me know, then he gives me several minutes to actually handle it. BUT the one thing that makes him mad, hands down, every time, is if he gets cold. This has been the case from the second he entered the world.  Oh it makes him so mad.  With that being said, I had to choose between 2 forms of child abuse.  Do I let the child remain dirty, skipping his bath, so he doesn’t have to be cold?  Or do I bathe him, knowing full well that it will torture him?  Really, it’s lose lose.  But for now, we doing one bath a week, TOPS, until he gets some more body fat.  I wipe him down with warm wash clothes in between, but I will not subject him to that harsh treatment anymore than that.  Even if it means he’s stinky.

So last week, Jack had his first bath.  We captured it and I wanted to share.  This was even more intense than a normal bath, because his umbilical cord had not fallen off yet, so he had to have the water really shallow.  A sponge bath was pure torture.  Poor baby!

The "Before"

Jack's support crew, cheering him on!

The beginning of the torture

So sad, the picture breaks my heart all over again

So cold, might die... this face nominates me for worst mom of the year 😦

Wrapped in his towel and all tuckered out!

In Recovery

I’m Still NOT Ready!

June 1, 2011

So our sweet baby Jack is already 10 days old– working on 11!  He is a doll– only cries when he’s cold, and just loves being cuddled. And he’s beautiful.  I am beginning to realize that this did happen- it is real life that I had a baby 5 weeks early- and now I am living my new normal.  But I just can’t get over the fact that I wasn’t ready.

Multiple times a day, something happens that reminds me that I hadn’t planned for this.  And since I take the word “planner” to the extreme, this is a really big deal.  It almost causes me anxiety to think about what happened and the chaos it could’ve caused, even though it already happened and we all lived to tell about it, which should prove to you my level of over the top crazy planning-ness. There are things around my house that remind me that I wasn’t ready– and my car is a disaster- I really wanted it deep cleaned before a new baby rode around in it.  I had a few last Max and Mommy things I wanted to do together- my hospital bag never got packed- and I had to go buy Jack’s baby book after he arrived… he lost major sleep over this.

Now there are upsides to this- don’t get me wrong.  For instance I can lay Max down in his crib, pick up his toys, and sing “Jesus Loves Me” all without running out of breath or having to deal with a big huge belly.  I also already get to hold Jack– and smell him- oh my, heaven!  And I never had to go to the doctor every week just for them to see me for .45 seconds, listen to Jack’s heart, and tell me they’d see me next week.

But even though he’s here, and we’re all fine, and it’s much LESS chaotic then I expected– and even less chaotic then when I brought home baby #1, I can’t help but feeling “not ready”.  I just got off the phone with the spa changing my prenatal massage that was set up for this Sunday- when I should be 37 weeks pregnant- to a regular massage because he came 5 weeks early.  The guy on the phone literally laughed and said, “wow, I haven’t heard that one before!”.  I wasn’t ready for my mom to leave either.  She made everything so easy- I didn’t even have to think about if I was thirsty, she just brought me water.   She took care of me and all my boys (including Chad who sighed when she left saying “I guess we’ll have to figure out our own food now”).  I wasn’t ready for the influx of laundry or the feeding schedule- which is dramatically more intense with a little baby who isn’t allowed to sleep through feedings- even at night.

Don’t get me wrong- I knew it was coming- I signed up for this- I really really wanted baby Jack- but I never got big and huge and miserable which leads to being ready.  I never got ready.  I’m still not ready!

But despite my best laid plans and the day I wanted Jack to show up, he’s here.  And my heart, it was ready.  It took to loving him in about .0001 seconds.  And I don’t kiss Max any less than I did before- but now I kiss Jack equally as much- I think I may need some chap stick.  And last night, when Jack got his first stomach ache that kept him awake for hours in the middle of the night, and Max simultaneously had a rough night because of some new teeth coming, I was completely ready to sit on the couch in the dark, with a boy in each arm, and snuggle.  And I’m not any more tired than I have been?!  And yesterday, I took both boys to my office to meet my co-workers, alone– that’s right– we were all dressed and fed and clean and happy, at the same time, without even a squawk!

So what’s the moral of this story?  Welp, God was ready and He made sure I was ready too– just on His terms, not my own.  And I realize once again just how in control I am………. not at all!