23 months old (Not to be confused with almost 2)

July 19, 2011

Oh, my Max, my little man, full of life and love and stubborness!  You are 23 months old- and your second birthday is just around the corner- I canNOT believe it.  Thanks to Maternity Leave, I have gotten to spend the last 8 weeks with you- you can probably count the number of times I have been out of your sight on one hand.  And I’ve loved it.  And you have too 🙂  You think I hung the moon- and I’m not planning to tell you the truth for a long while!

During this month, you have embraced big brotherhood by loving on baby Jack, insisting I rush to his side every time he cries, and acting like you’re so big and in charge.  You’re so darn bossy– and yes, I only have me to blame.  But for some reason, I listen to you as you demand milk on the couch and Mickey Mouse clubhouse on the TV  for at least 30 minutes after waking up, and when you insist on playing golf outside before you even eat breakfast.  Mainly because you know what you want- so who am I to get in your way?  You are so much fun, but you are so fiesty- really, you are me in a little boy body. And while I love it, I’m thankful that Jack is already taking after your laid back Daddy!  There can only be so many of “us” in one house…

You now sleep in your big boy bed- and you love it.  You like to tell people that you sleep in your big boy bed and have a big boy golf club that says “M-a-x” (thanks Pop).  My favorite was when I put Jack down for a nap, then put you down for a nap, and I was so giddy to sit on the couch in silence for minute when all of a sudden I heard your door knob jiggling… then I saw your face and you said “I all done!”  Of course I laughed and then began to take you back to bed which set you off in a “on your tippy toes, bounce around, screaming” fit which made me laugh even harder– who knew that you could be cute while throwing a temper tantrum?  Well let me tell you, you are!

You had to visit the doctor last week, and they said you were 27lbs, 3 oz– growing big!!  I look forward to your 2 yr appointment next month to find out all of your stats… but then again, I dread that appointment, because you’ll actually be 2, yikes.  And just so you know, I’m not dreading you being 2 because this isn’t fun- it’s a blast- but it’s just going way too fast and I’m afraid that the 16 years I have left is not enough time to soak you all in– oh. my. goodness.

Besides a lot of Mommy-time, this month also included a week long trip to Indiana.  I drove both of you boys there and back, alone. I thought it was going to be long and grueling but you were delightful and baby Jack only woke up to eat. If you pointed out one ‘big truck’ on our drive, then you pointed out a million- and you cried when you couldn’t find a motorcycle.  All I can say is thank goodness I downloaded Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for your to watch on my phone, because a girl can only talk about big trucks and motorcycles so much– then her head explodes.  You wouldn’t want your mother’s head to explode now, would you?

While in Indiana, you got to go to the ball store with Pop and got your own golf putter- you love it!  And you went to an Indians baseball game (minor league).  You also got kicked out of Pop’s work for being too grumpy.  That was funny.  Me and Annie took you to the museum and the park- you’re getting old enough that stuff like that is really fun- but your afternoon nap is still a must or else it gets UGLY.  I think you also ate a whole bag of M&M’s while you were there– and cookies and ice cream too.  We were also there for the 4th of July and sat on their roof to watch fireworks.  You really love “fireworks in the sky” and have asked to see them about every other day since.  It’s really hard to explain to a toddler the whole concept of a holiday and once a year– you still can’t grasp the “yes, we’ll do that after such and such…”  Oh so much to learn in the world!

Max, you are so blessed!  You have a great golf swing- grown men covet it!  You have incredible friends– Lizzy, Reed, Haven, Hudson… the list goes on and on!  You have two wonderful brothers.  You go to a church where the nursery workers love you, both sets of your grandparents think you’re the best thing ever and brag about you, and your uncles (grown men) can’t get enough of you or your pictures.  Your smile is adorable, your eyes are gorgeous, your pudgy hands and feet are just too much.  And your Dad and me, well, we’re are absolutely smitten by you and your ways.  But that list of blessings doesn’t even begin to match up to the number of blessings I get from just being your mom.  It is the best gig, ever!  And to think that all of those blessing- both yours and mine- come from our Heavenly Father that loves us immeasurably more than we can even fathom.  That’s HUGE Max, HUGE!  I hope you know how loved you are- and that there’s nothing you can do to change that.  Happy 23 months, my boy!  I’ve enjoyed it!


Max is 22 months old… and going on 22 years old!

June 20, 2011

Yesterday, Max was 22 months old.  But we were busy celebrating Father’s Day, so I moved his month-day to today!  Max is full of life and laughter and naughties too!  He has one giant opinion too– but being the laid back, go with the flow person that I am, I just can’t imagine where he got that………………..

Anyway, his favorite word is no, and he likes to scrunch up his face for extra emphasis.  He notices everything and my friend Danielle put it well when she described his talking style at a life- narrator.  He is constantly telling me what he sees, what’s going on, who is doing it, what it sounded like, and any thing else that he can observe.  Most of his comments are really funny too- for instance, he’s always spotting mudderfags (Butterflies) and Chip-punks (chipmunks).  Oh his little brain is amazing.

Max is very much into “testing” too– testing me and testing his daddy to see if we really mean that he needs to obey. He thinks that when we count to three, and then start coming towards him, that he can obey then and avoid trouble.  But the little guy has another thing coming!

Max’s loves in life are ice cream, golf, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Pop.  He is constantly talking about one of those.  And he eats his ice cream on the couch- just ask him. This month, he visited the driving range for the first time with his daddy, and was the star– the crowds gathered to watch him in action.  My Dad and Chad are hoping he’s ready to ride with them for 9 holes later this summer- and with his attention span for the U.S. Open this past weekend, I’m thinking he’ll love it!

Due to maternity leave, I get to spend all my awake hours with Max (and Jack) and I just love it.  Max makes the days so fun. Granted, they’re usually full of sweat and dirt- on both of us, and leave me very worn out at the end of that day, but still, there is nothing else I’d rather do!

18 month clothes are on their last leg, and 24 months are just right!  His feet have grown again and size 4 shoes are done for- he is in 5’s and close to moving up again!  This makes me laugh because he wore his size 3’s for a LONG time.  I’m anxious for his 2 year appointment to hear his stats, but dreading it all at the same time– because a two year old is SO much bigger than a one year old! (BTW if you’re one of those people like Chad who wants to say that Max is 2, he is not.  He will not be 2 until August 19th, and until then he is one.  I will also be happy to tell you his age in months- but he is not 2. Mmk?)

Max, I thought I had one more month with you before Jack arrived, I thought this would be your last month day before you became a big brother, but boy was I wrong! It was hard for both of us- I didn’t get to “prep” you for what was coming, where mommy was going, and what she was coming home with.  We didn’t make the full switch to the big boy bed as planned, and we didn’t even attempt potty training BUT adding Jack has been wonderful!  When I left for the hospital, you were my baby, but when I came home, you were my big boy!  And you like to tell everyone that that’s what you are!  You adjusted within a couple days, and have been kissing your brother ever sense!  You don’t love that you have to share my attention, but you don’t have one ounce of aggression towards Jack.  You grew up in your talking, and walking, and mannerisms too.  You walk around with a big boy bounce in your step- and you have a swagger. It’s adorable! (Although a very hard pill for me to swallow.)  It’s amazing that I never run out of love for you- it just keeps growing, with you, each day.  I can’t wait for the day when you sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ along with me, and I’m even more excited about the day that you get what that means.  God continues to bless me with you- each day I thank him for your life and your love, and all that I’m learning by being your mommy.  Just remember, God is the perfect heavenly Father, and me and Daddy are still learning to be like Him. I love you Max, you’re my best bubba!

Wordless Wednesday

June 15, 2011

Kindof.  I can’t say nothing. But just check out these pictures… some are Max and some are Jack… and the resemblence makes me speechless… hence Wordless Wednesday 🙂

Max- almost 6 weeks old

Jack- almost 4 weeks old

Max in his Moses basket

Jack in the Moses basket

Max sleeping in my lap

Jack sleeping in my lap

P.S. Today is Wednesday, right???

Ohhh… My Max is 21 months old!

May 19, 2011

My little boy is growing up- it’s pretty obvious.  And I think everyone around me is accepting of this– except for me.  He’s 21 months old today– that’s big– that’s a short step from 2, and an even shorter step from when he becomes a big brother next month.  Oh my heart.  Words and sentencing and analysis of his surroundings fly out of his mouth like it’s second nature– like he’s been talking for years.  He is very expressive– so much so, that we’ve begun beating “No thank you” and “Yes sir/ma’am” into him, because “No no uh huh!” and “No no Mommy” and “Uh huh” were just too much to bear.  If he was a girl, I’d call it sass, but since he’s not, I’ll call it “Noblitt”.

Max giving "the look"!

Early Morning Soccer!

He’s very independent most of the time- wanting to play his own way and do his own thing- although he loves my company, anytime he has it, and he loves playmates– his favorites are his Dad, his brother, my Dad, and my brother.  But they just need to be ready to play what he is playing- golf or baseball, 24/7. He prefers to be outside- and is ready to head that direction by 7:30am- but if he’s inside, he’s good as long as basketball or soccer is involved… aren’t those things you play inside, too? When it’s just me and him at home, he has to go through the list– “Where’s Gabe?” (school)  “Where’s Daddy?” (working)  “Where’s Eli?” (He went bye- bye) “Where’s Pop?” (at Pop’s house)…. and then a few hours later, we do it all again.  His memory is unbelievable– he remembers stuff from days ago, he remembers people and names from weeks and months ago- and unfortunately, he hasn’t quite grasped the “soon” “later” “tomorrow” as in yes, but not right now.  Ah!  Hopefully that is next on his list of things to learn!

His favorite golf club!

"I jumpin!"

Recently Max has also become more clingy- wants to be right next me, like cheek on cheek, and when we’re sitting on the couch, he prefers to have his arm draped across my belly.  I think he knows something is coming– there is new stuff around our house, and we’re moving furniture to fit bassinets and swings, etc… I’m waddling… Chad is fussing over me doing too much… instead of being on the go, we’re staying home– he knows!  I can’t turn down the extra loving and cuddles- actually I’m soaking it up and can’t think of much better- but with this comes bad attitudes towards others like his Dad or our sitters when they arrive.  I want to find the balance here- making sure disrespect isn’t tolerated, but of course letting him know how very loved he is– I guess the balancing act begins now!

Max's favorite pass time: Jumping on the Bed!

We’ve also entered into the realm of obedience.  If you were a fly on our wall, you’d hear me tell Max to obey or ask him if he is obeying at least 10 times a day.  You’d also witness a couple daily spanking surrounding this issue as well.  Even though I warn him that a spanking is come, his face is filled with such shock that I actually followed through but we’re already seeing a difference in his obedience.  The phrase “Max you need to obey or you’re going to get spanked” goes a long way.  He’s begun jumping to action immediately this week! (Thank goodness because this child makes me a softy and I HATE spanking him!)

Brothers enjoy shakes and cheese fries

His stats are basically the same– at this point, he’s still in his 18 month pj’s because I plan to buy the next size for warmer weather but our nights are still cool, but all his other clothes are 24 months- and he can even swing a 2T t-shirt.  We moved up a sock size, yahoo, and he’s still right at 27 lbs, leaving him in size 4 diapers for a while longer.  This weekend, we’re trying the big boy bed for 3 nights- committed to fighting it as need be- but if it doesn’t seem to take after those 3 nights, then back to the crib and we’ll try again in a couple months.  We don’t need him in his big boy bed for a while, we just don’t want him to associate losing his bed with that new little baby that’s about to rock Max’s world in more ways than one!

Too soon?

Max, my dear, you make my world a better place.  I love how you think and how you play, I love your fingers and your toes, and even your little runny nose!  Your big boy hair cut, round cheeks, and big blue eyes melt me every time.  There is just no way I can get enough of you.  One of your newest phrases is “Mommy hold you” and you come to me with your arms open wide- whether I’m sitting or standing or sleeping or working or cleaning, it’s music to my ears.  Yes son, I will hold you- I’ll always hold you!  Thank you for challenging me to be a better Mommy and to be more like Jesus- it’s hard work, but the fruit is so sweet.  I really hope that the Fruit of the Spirit will reside in you one day too– it’s really amazing what Jesus does to His children, from the inside out.  It’s truly beautiful.  Thanks for being my boy– 21 months is awesome- can’t wait for more!  I love you, Max!

Things NOT to do when you’re pregnant

May 16, 2011

1. While being one month pregnant, trying to celebrate Christmas– instead, you’ll sleep through it.  (Max)

2. While being two months pregnant, going to your own wine tasting birthday party, thrown lovingly by your friend Jill, and you can’t even participate.  (Jack)

3. While being three months pregnant, getting a tail bone cyst that has to be cut out while you’re awake and feeling it all because the baby is too little for any pain medicines or drugs.  (Max)

4. While being four months pregnant, getting the type A flu so bad that it last for over 10 days, with little to no sleep, many days of no eating, lots of fevers, and more coughing than one person should do during their entire life.  (Jack)

5. While being five months pregnant, moving to a new house, full of hardwood floors that you insist on mopping while on your hands and knees.  This is especially bad is you’re slightly OCD and refuse to sleep or stop until everything is unpacked.  (Max)

6. While being six months pregnant, sending your 18 month old to his grandparents for the week- instead of relishing in the rest and enjoying your husband, you will cry A LOT, especially when you see other babies.  (Jack)

7. While being seven months pregnant, encourage your husband to remodel the bathroom leaving gobs of construction dust around the house that requires crawling on hands and knees multiple times a day to clean- and also encouraging him to do this whole project between you 1 year old’s bedtime: 8:00pm and your own bedtime: 8:30pm, daily… makes for a very long project!  (Jack)

8. While being eight months pregnant, lose complete feeling in your hands so you drop everything, send your husband to another country, meanwhile forget to hydrate and start to have contractions, and simultaneously enduring a ATL summer that makes your legs swell up like the most humongous sausages you’ve ever seen. (Max)

9. While being nine months pregnant, go to Athens for your baby brother’s graduation, while re-living your own hay days in your mind, walking around the University of Georgia campus like you haven’t been having early contractions– all while toting a 20 months old, and keeping up with your whole family.  (Jack)

10.  While being ten months pregnant, (and yes, the whole thing actually lasts almost 10 months…joy!) going into labor at 2am and having the baby at 8:41am… 2 (TWO!) days later after 50 hours of labor without any drugs, and no sleep and then the final 5 hours with an epidural.  (Max)

Stroke of Genius!

May 12, 2011

Sometimes it just hits.  And you wonder where such a great idea came from.  You walk a little lighter, feel like giving yourself a pat or 7 on the back, and you call someone to brag.  This happened to me recently, and it was pure genius!  I’ve recently turned the corner, pregnancy-wise, and not just because of “cutting my activity” but mostly because of growing a human being.  I’ll expand more on this when I’m humble enough to post a picture, but let’s just say, I’m almost “over it”.  I’m tired and achy and ready to hold baby Jack.

So I was driving home from work the other day, exhausted and almost dreading my afternoon with my little people.  What was I going to do with them?  How could I keep them busy without using the tv? And how do I make sure it requires very little of me?  Then STRIKE— a pool!  Like the kind from Target for your backyard.  Max LOVES taking baths and Gabe LOVES playing in the water with him– the soak their bathroom each night…. so this would be a huge bath, and they could splash as much as they want, and I could sit.  GENIUS!

Well, it worked!  And it was adorable!  And I got to sit in a chair with my computer in my lap, working, and watching, and laughing 🙂  They played and splashed until I made them come in– and as soon as we were dried off, they were already talking about playing in the pool again.  GENIUS!

I provided the pitchers, cups, toys, balls, bowls, and sunscreen- they provided their own fun and entertainment.  And by the time we went inside, my feet hurt less, my attitude was 100 times better, and I was confident that these two were the cutest things around 🙂

Boys Will Be Boys…

April 22, 2011

On Monday, mere moments before Gabe was heading out to soccer practice, he and Max decided to play in the mud puddles in our backyard.  Unfortunately, I was on the phone with insurance handling the pre-payment for Jack’s birth and could only watch as it all unfolded.  Once I finally hung up, I instructed Gabe to get Max and carry him over to the door.  From there, Gabe has step by step instructions on how to remove his shoes and head to the nearest bathroom.  And I did the same for Max and placed him straight in the bathtub.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of Gabe, because time didn’t allow it before practice, but let me assure you that it took 2 rags worth of scrubbing on just his legs, 4 different rounds of soap on his arms and hands and a new pair of soccer socks before he headed to soccer.  AND he did go to practice with plenty of mud all over the remainder of his clothes that didn’t have time to be changed.

Max just stood in the bathtub the whole time saying “Mommy, water on, Mommy water on!”– and repeating it louder and louder until I followed his instructions.  But again, Gabe was the priority, so by the time I was able to strip Max down and turn his bath water on, the people in the next county were surely hearing his demands.

And when all was said and done and the child was finally clean, Max looked at me VERY PROUDLY and said “I make mess!”

Why yes child, that you did!

But here is the best part:

About an hour later, when Chad got home, I told Max to tell Daddy what he did.  Max said, “I make mess” with a grin and walked off.  So then I explained the mud fiasco to Chad and he looked at me and said, “That’s bad right?” And I nodded.  Then he asked if Gabe got in trouble and I said, “Yes, Gabe got ‘the look’ “.  So then he asked if Max got in a trouble and I said, “Yes, he got the look and was carried like a sack of potatoes to the bath.”  And Chad nodded and walked away.

And it dawned on me, Chad saw NO problem with the boys playing in the mud- and without ruffling my feathers, was making sure I didn’t scare them out of doing it again… and I’m pretty sure that Chad hopes he’s here for the next round of mud pies so he can join in!

So, boys will be boys, and I’m out-numbered, so it’s pretty obvious who’s going to win the playing in the mud battle…. and the more I think about it, the more obvious it is that that is NOT a battle worth fighting.  Bring on the mud boys…. just keep the worms outside!