Happy Father’s Day!

June 19, 2011

I know a lot of great fathers… many of them have impacted my life greatly.  But today I celebrate Chad. His love for our boys is INCREDIBLE.  And he is a dad worth recognizing and celebrating!

So I thought I’d make a lovely acrostic poem filled with all words Chad that make him such a great dad:

F: Fabulous, funny, and fun

A: Authentic, amazing, and able

T: Teacher, tickler, and tale-teller

H: Helper, honest, and humble

E: Enthusiastic, excited, encourager

R: Reliable, reasonable, and realistic

I love you Chad, and so do our boys!  Thank you for all your hard work, your love, and your time.  We are all better because of it!


Boys Will Be Boys…

April 22, 2011

On Monday, mere moments before Gabe was heading out to soccer practice, he and Max decided to play in the mud puddles in our backyard.  Unfortunately, I was on the phone with insurance handling the pre-payment for Jack’s birth and could only watch as it all unfolded.  Once I finally hung up, I instructed Gabe to get Max and carry him over to the door.  From there, Gabe has step by step instructions on how to remove his shoes and head to the nearest bathroom.  And I did the same for Max and placed him straight in the bathtub.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of Gabe, because time didn’t allow it before practice, but let me assure you that it took 2 rags worth of scrubbing on just his legs, 4 different rounds of soap on his arms and hands and a new pair of soccer socks before he headed to soccer.  AND he did go to practice with plenty of mud all over the remainder of his clothes that didn’t have time to be changed.

Max just stood in the bathtub the whole time saying “Mommy, water on, Mommy water on!”– and repeating it louder and louder until I followed his instructions.  But again, Gabe was the priority, so by the time I was able to strip Max down and turn his bath water on, the people in the next county were surely hearing his demands.

And when all was said and done and the child was finally clean, Max looked at me VERY PROUDLY and said “I make mess!”

Why yes child, that you did!

But here is the best part:

About an hour later, when Chad got home, I told Max to tell Daddy what he did.  Max said, “I make mess” with a grin and walked off.  So then I explained the mud fiasco to Chad and he looked at me and said, “That’s bad right?” And I nodded.  Then he asked if Gabe got in trouble and I said, “Yes, Gabe got ‘the look’ “.  So then he asked if Max got in a trouble and I said, “Yes, he got the look and was carried like a sack of potatoes to the bath.”  And Chad nodded and walked away.

And it dawned on me, Chad saw NO problem with the boys playing in the mud- and without ruffling my feathers, was making sure I didn’t scare them out of doing it again… and I’m pretty sure that Chad hopes he’s here for the next round of mud pies so he can join in!

So, boys will be boys, and I’m out-numbered, so it’s pretty obvious who’s going to win the playing in the mud battle…. and the more I think about it, the more obvious it is that that is NOT a battle worth fighting.  Bring on the mud boys…. just keep the worms outside!

The Ending of an Era

April 17, 2011

Remember a while ago when I mentioned that Chad was re-doing our bathroom?  And for some reason we thought it would be a quick process?  Well it wasn’t.  But it is done!!!!

This is the ending of an era for many reasons- first of all, there is no trace left of the Brady Bunch bathroom that once infected our lives and our master bedroom.  I know Carol is grieving– but no one else is!  Secondly, in order to do this kind of renovation, it requires your ENTIRE house to be covered in dust- construction dust- and no matter how  many times I dusted, and wiped, and sprayed and cleaned, the dust remained.  So I let it win…. for a time.  My sitters probably thought something was seriously wrong, and if you have dust allergies, be glad you didn’t stop by- it would’ve landed you in the ER.  Seriously, it was that bad!  But the dusty phase is now over too.  And lastly, Chad can no longer say that he has never renovated a bathroom.  Because well, now he has!  We are done, and it is beautimous!

Our house was built in the 70’s which apparently means the big bathroom is for the guests and the master bathroom should be so tiny that a pregnant woman canNOT fit in it. It also means that there should be no room for storage.  For the 2 years that we have lived  here, we have kept our towels in our closet and on the back of the bedroom door and the bathroom trash can was out in our room, beside the dresser.  So besides the shower and the sink, nothing else fit.  For real.

So let’s start with some before pictures:


A lovely shade of green with a fabulous faux glass shower door- complete with fungus, mold, and mildew

The shower, in a lovely shade of green with accompanying faux glass doors, complete with mildew, mold, and fungus

Our bathroom storage, courtesy of the over the toilet shelving from my college days

Now really, the original bathroom is probably just too much for you to take in.  You may even be wondering why we changed it.  I know, I know, a real tragedy to lose a masterpiece like this…

Here are some “during” pictures…. this might explain the ever-present dust and dirt:

Now, before I get to the grand finale, let me assure you that Chad has NEVER done something like this before- he learned every single step as he went, calling his Dad a million times, and asking some buddies a question or two from time to time.  We went to Home Depot and Lowe’s 32,948,516,887 times- the cashiers know our children, and we had to return a thing or 20, too… BUT once you take a look, you’re not going to believe any of that- you might even think a pro did it, but I assure you, the we… I mean Chad… did it.  It required late nights, and lots of ruckus, but it was all worth it for this:

(Unfortunately, the bathroom is still teeny tiny, so I couldn’t fit all the way in to take good pictures… oh well!)

Now, I don’t have to worry who else has been there.  Everything is spotless and we can keep it that way.  Our towels and trash and bathroom stuff all fit in the bathroom.  We love the color, we love the light, we love the shower, and we paid cash for every single bit of it– yay!

So, do you think I should mention to Chad that I’m already planning the re-model of the boys bathroom…. or should I let him relish this finished project a bit more…..

Intimate Conversations

January 6, 2011

Last night, Chad and I spent some time just talking.  There were no phones, no tv, and the boys were in bed.  It was just us.  And sometimes, you just need that. It was like a 30 minute mini-date.  The conversation went like this…

First of all, I was telling Chad about what I had been reading in the bible.  I’ve started the read the bible in a year plan, and this particular plan is in chronological order.  So it started with creation (obviously!) and moved to Cain and Abel, then Noah and the Ark, and then where his sons ended up.  Then we jumped to Job.  So I was telling Chad about how Job really freaked me out because it just didn’t add up with God’s character in my opinion.  I went on to explain that I knew it was just in my head, because God doesn’t act out of character, but that I hated that Job had to go through all of that, just because Satan is stupid and I want to punch him in the face.  Chad just looked and me and said “yeah, it’s all in your head”.


Then we moved to discussing pregnancy.  I had my 16 week doctor appointment yesterday, so I was talking him through my conversation with the doctor.  Then naturally I was discussing how everything on my body was getting bigger and uglier and how this really bothered me because prior to getting pregnant myself, I thought pregnant women were the most beautiful things EVER– and now they make me want to gag.  Chad says, “Don’t gag, what did you expect? This happened last time too”.  I choked on my own breath because he just validated that I was bigger and uglier and so Chad said, “You’re the one that said uglier, I’m just agreeing with bigger– and I like bigger.”  Then he smirked– yep, he was talking about “the girls”.


So then, due to an argument we had this past weekend, Chad pointed to my head and heart and said “what’s going on in here?”  (This weekend I was upset that he wasn’t taking time to check in with what was going inside of me, so that was his way of checking in 🙂 )  I replied like Chad used to reply in our dating days. “Not much going on in here”.  So then we took a brief trip down memory lane– I asked if he remembered that I used to ask him ALL the time what he was thinking.  And he would respond, “Not much going on in here” and it annoyed him SO much. Then he thanked me for not asking him that anymore.  And I laughed and joked with him that I didn’t care anymore what he was thinking.  Chad retorts, “Yeah, that’s because we’re married– now you want to know “What the hell were you thinking????”


Then, Chad went in for a kiss (TMI??) and stopped just before making contact to point out THE DARK CIRCLES under my eyes.  I kid you not.

And when I woke up this morning and remembered all of this, it just cracked me up.  I am in no way insecure when it comes to all of this, I know withOUT a doubt that Chad loves me, just like I am.  And believe it or not, none of these comments made me mad or hurt my feelings.  And I think it’s because of intimacy– being known and knowing someone fully without the fear of rejection– I know Chad is all in with me, and while I would appreciate him writing me love poems and gawking at my hot-ness too, pointing out my dark circles is real, and real love.  Plus, Chad shows me he loves me all the time– in how he treats me at home and in front of others, in how he takes care of our kids, and in how he responds to me.  And there is just no one else I’d rather be doing this with! Plus, let’s be honest, no matter how hard they try, men are men and say stupid things– we can’t really hold it against them and expect to get anywhere!

Welcoming 2011

January 4, 2011

We started 2011 with a bang: DONUTS!  As you may know, I have a slight obsession with donuts, they are only my very favorite food in the entire world.  I think my favorite are from a bakery in Bandera, TX by Chad’s parents– they are just delicious.

Anyway, after a late night out (something a pregnant woman should never do: stay up past 9pm) we made it home about 1am.  Max went right back to sleep and so did we.  But about 8am, a certain little man was waking up– bad news for us!  But the little angel came into our bed and snuggled until 9am, then watched Sesame Street rather quietly for another hour.  Seriously!  I got up at 10am on my own accord… mainly because a certain other baby (the apple in my tummy) was causing me so major hunger pangs!

So off to the kitchen I went to try out my brand new DONUT MAKER!!!  I made the basic recipe and coated them in a chocolate glaze.  It was surprisingly easy and yummy!  Chad came into the kitchen as I was finishing up the preparations and took a look around– then he said “You are the messiest cook in the world”.  And before “the look” could even be fully formed and given to him, he followed up with “but you’re the best cook in the world”.  Smart man 🙂

And I’m not the only one who loves donuts… I have passed that magical trait onto my son.  Max can spot them from a mile away, much like his mother… his nose tells him when they’re in the vicinity… his eyes grow, as does his smile, and he tracks down the nearest one and inserts it into his mouth very efficiently!

I tried to give him some turkey sausage for protein and some fruit as well, but he only wanted the donuts– He’s a beacon of health!  And it wasn’t long before he discovered that these mini homemade donuts made great jewelry:

I’m still cleaning chocolate out from under his finger nails 🙂  Happy 2011!

Girl stuff

November 24, 2010

Gabe wants “it” to be a girl and us to name her Alexis because Alexis in his class has “really long hair and gorgeous eye lashes”– I kid you not.

So then I asked the obvious question– when you get older (like in 25 years), will Alexis be your girlfriend?  He responded immediatly with “No, Kelsey from my kindergarden class- she has beautiful curls.”

Well duh.  And then he went on to tell me that he hasn’t talked to her since Kindergarden- aka 2 years ago.  And he’s still pining after her and her hair??  Um, we may have a problem on our hands…. when the boy crushes, he crushes hard!

But what can I say, at least he has his priorities straight– I mean, ALWAYS pick a girl for her hair– it says a LOT about her.  And I always talk about his curls and Chad’s curls and how much I love them…. so I know how he feels!

When Gabe prays, he asks God if it could be a girl this time.
And then he asked if I would just not tell him if it was a boy- he didn’t want to know.
Poor kid– doesn’t he know that Bowmans always have boys??

Happy Halloween!

November 1, 2010

I know this is a day late, but I was so tired when we got home last night, and got the boys to bed, that I just couldn’t bring myself to post pictures!!  SO I’ll do a re-cap instead….

We went to church yesterday morning, and Max’s friend, Haven came home with us while his parents went on a hiking date.  Both boys ate lunch and then slept forever– they never even got to play together, ha!  But I’m so grateful that Max took such a good nap– close to 3 hours!! Then he was all ready for his first trick-or-treating experience!!

The 4 of us headed over to the Prusa’s, with our new garage sale wagon of course, to make our way through the street of t heir neighborhood.  They have a GREAT neighborhood for stuff like this and it’s so family friendly.

We had a cow and a red dragon ninja and little Miss EG was a cute little bumble bee.  She buzzed and said “trick or treat” and Max would “mooo” but only when no one was around, ha!

It was a fun night, and we’re grateful for our sweet friends.  Here’s the play by play pictures….

Aren’t they so cute???

Hope your Halloween was happy…. and now, onto November and Thanksgiving!!!!!