Say What?! Copy Cat

On Wednesday, Max woke up from his nap super cranky. He was whiny and clingy and very high maintenance which is very abnormal for Max. Chad got home a few minutes before dinner and noticed rather quickly how foul Max was being.  And then my brother Eli got to our house too (he’s staying with us right now, as a gypsy, as he figures out his next steps in life) and Max fussed at him too.  We sat down for dinner and the cranky pants did not stop- he was a booger, like the real obnoxious deal! So Chad says “why is my two year old so whiny?”  To which I replied “you answered it with your own question– he’s two!”  And Eli said, “well he’s as smart as a four year old” and I replied “emotionally he is two!”  And Max screams “EMOTIONALLY” and starts giggling.

Then later I was taking Max upstairs to change his diaper and he didn’t like that plan.  He told me “no no no no!” And so I laid him on the changing table and I said guess what?  And he stopped his no’s for an emphatic “what?” And I told him he wasn’t the boss, that mommy was the boss and he thought for .25 seconds and got a stricken look on his face and said “oh no!”  HA!

Lastly, Max only napped for about 30 minutes in the car yesterday. We were out and about, so he never made it to his bed and those darn car naps are always short.  So about an hour after dinner, he came and found me with his “Kiss Goodnight” book in hand- that’s the book we read every night before bed.  He asked me to read it to him, and he even wanted it read in his bed– he was putting himself to bed and choosing his own bedtime- SWEET!  Anyway, I got some pj’s out of his drawer, stripped him down, and then he sat in my lap so I could pull his pj pants on him.  As quickly as he sat down, he jumped back up and said “Mommy’s legs hurt!”…. my legs were super prickly and in need of a razor… oh how I love the honesty of children- keeps you humble, that’s for sure!


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