Happy 1 Month baby Jack!

I can’t believe my baby is one month old today!  We’ve had him a whole darn month, but it doesn’t feel like that at all.  I’m not sure if it’s because he’s so easy or if it’s because going from 1 child to 2 children hasn’t been near as chaotic as I expected, but regardless, it’s flown by, and it’s been wonderful!

Jack’s schedule is pretty easy- full of eating and sleeping (and pooping… but he does that while eating and sleeping!)

Jack wakes between 7:30-8am and eats

8:30am- nap

10:30am- eat

11:15am- nap

1:15pm- eat

1:45pm- nap

4:15pm- eat

5:00pm- nap

7:00pm- eat

9:15pm- bath, lotion, and pjs

10:00pm- feed

AND I only see Jack once during the night, between 3:30 and 4am.  And it has been this way for a week– oh my goodness, I do not have one complaint about this!  Jack loves to be swaddled when he sleeps and he still sleeps in his nap nanny. The only difficult thing about Jack, which is beyond his control I might point out, is his reflux– but I’ve cut out dairy (and considering my love for cheese and ice cream, that IS love!) and it’s already a lot better.  But he has to be burped every 3 minutes while eating, and he will still spit up a little.  He also needs to be held upright after feeding for a bit- but we’ve adjusted and it’s not really that big of deal.  It just makes for a lot of laundry, because at this point, I still can’t bear to reuse a burp cloth of it already got a little spittle on it… I know that will change but for now, I just do a load of his laundry almost everyday.

At his 2 week appointment, he had gained a pound and grown 3/4 of an inch– growing boy– but because he stats were so good, we won’t go back until 8 weeks! He fits into newborn diapers really well now and the same goes for newborn clothes.  He may even outgrow those in the next week or so, but that’s more for length, not width… but have you seen his father?  I think it’s in the genes.


You are my sweetest punkin.  I kiss you all the time and then tell you that kisses mean love and that love is very important and wonderful.  And when I’m lucky, you grin about this!  You are so laid back, just like your Daddy and opposite of your brother (and Mommy!).  I keep reading the most newborn cry or fuss for 2-3 hours a day– you cry or fuss for about 10 minutes a day.  You love to sit in my lap and look around and when it’s quiet, and just me and you, you put your lips in an “o” and take in our surroundings while I whisper to you. And just know, that I canNOT get enough of you.  And I canNOT wait to see what the next month brings as you become more alert.  I love you tons and tons little buddy.  But just remember, Jesus loves you even more!

Jack week by week:

Jack's birthday!

Jack at 1 week old!

Jack at 2 weeks old!

Jack at 3 weeks old!

Jack at 4 weeks old!

And here is Jack today on his 1 month day! (And he is NOT a fan of the flash, can you tell? Ha!)

Jack is 1 month old!

P.S. Jack is/was due in 2 days, ha!


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